Who is city mouse?

A 27 year old woman who has just embarked on a new adventure, leaving the Upper East Side of New York City and moved two hours north to upstate New York.

What is “City Mouse in the Country?”

A place where the words will flow, photos will be posted and conversations will spin off of. A place where the idiosyncrasies that are now part of my life, like cornfields for example, will be explained and discussed. A place to dissect why I left “the city” and went on a new adventure for professional and personal growth.

Can a city mouse become a country mouse?

I’m not really sure that a city mouse can actually become a country mouse, but odds are in my favor since I was born in the country. Despite my short stint here, Kingston, NY is my birthplace. Where I lived on a farm. Yes, a farm with real live cows, sheep and goats. We moved to Queens, NY when I was three years old. It is amazing how much I can still remember of the farm, my house in Saugerties, the Magic Mommy bakery and the leather smell from my Mom’s bag making days.

Why did the city mouse leave the city?

It’s funny how we don’t always know where we are going until we end up there. After many years in nonprofit and the agency public relations, the opportunity to join an in-house team was offered to me. I never wanted to regret not taking the job, making the career move or taking a leap of faith in my mind, body and soul. So here I am, in the country, where you can find me making things happen or soul searching or just making the best of each day.