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1. A Mexican start of the year
2. Birthdays in Pallenville, East Village, West Side and Upper East Side
3.  Spiritual exploration
4. ‘Cuse basketball
5. An Eagles Superbowl
6. Key West
7. The flu
8. Forest Hills
9. East End
10. Meditation
11. Cousin visits
12. 27th birthday 
13. Reiki
15. Hoboken
16. March madness
 17. Relay for Life Kickoff 18. BP scare 19. Happy hours 19. Dane Cook 20. A special return from Afghanistan 21. NYU reunion 22. Nacirema 24. Egg coloring 25. Team Pixie Dust dinner dance 26. Kelly’s baby shower 27. DMB in NJ 28. Broadway 29. Off Broadway 30. New blackberry 31. Wrobel leaves 32. Roofdecks 33. Boys 34. Bars 35. ACS Gala 36. Relay for Life 37. DMB at the Today Show 38. Smelly in DC 39. Indigo Girls in Central Park 39. Cami’s wedding shower / last night out 40. Another new blackberry 41. I heart NY 42. Leaving NY 43. Randall’s Island 44. Pinkberry 45. DMB at Jones Beach 46. A million good-byes 47. Cami’s wedding 48. San Francisco 49. Cowardly lion 50. Being art at the Moma 51. Move 52. Kingston 53. Yoga 54. Online dating 55. Patty McGees 56. Ryan 57. Garlic Festival 58. Taste of New Paltz 59. Local brewery 60. Woodstock 61. Art 62. Music 63. Life 64. Pipop 65. No place like home 66. 11 years 67. Italy 68. Bread and cheese 69. A real gym membership 70. Visiting / back and forth 71. Cookies and cocktails 72. First snow 73. Cookie exchange 74. Gifts that can’t be wrapped 75. Reunions 76. Zoey 77. City Mouse in the Country 78. Kundalini 79. Freelance 80. A handbag 81. Step class 82. Others divorce 83. Baking 84. Romemu 85. Storage 86. In-house again 87. Obama 88. Tree of Life 89. No more exes 90. Ginger vodka 90. BSC customers 91. Guided imagery 92. Snow gear 93. Hudson River 94. Having a big brother again 95. The ever present mountains 96. Guidance and support 97. Fleeting sanity 98. Wingwomen 99. Travel plans 100. Death 101. Life


Tomorrow was going to be moving day. And then Mother Nature was feeling neglected and wanted to make sure we all knew who was boss. Snow alerts all over the place. The city, Long Island, up here… you would think the second coming was showing up in a big fat white coat. And yet, it’s 8 p.m. and there are no flakes to be seen.

Things to make sure you have when you are a single gal moving the rest of your belongings from the city to the country because your Subletter is moving out and your lease is up in two weeks:

*moving plan (including important numbers, location of storage unit and a timeline)
*people to lift
*clear plastic bins, tape, primer, and tarp (thankfully can all be found in one store)
*people to pack with
*someone to tell you it’s going to be okay
*someone responsible to pour a drink when you realize that you don’t live in the city

And when the whole plan goes to hell because above mentioned temperamental Mother Nature decides to grace you with the white cold stuff and you have to cancel all of the people, places and things you had worked so hard to gather in advance and try to be prepared make sure you have the following:

*phone number of someone who will tell you everything is gonna be alright
*phone numbers of local storage and rental trucks (hello yellowpages!)
*a reserve list of people who won’t be traveling for the holidays
*something to do the day you were supose to move (thank you gym membership and grocery store)
*holiday appropriate background music

“This is Christmas…

…so won’t you tell me that you never move on…

…no more sorrow…

happy once again.”

I always say everything happens for a reason, but next time can I get a memo with an explanation and what to do next? Much appreciated.

This is what homesick looks like… cake batter.

And not just any cake batter, but the real deal. Funfetti. The topping of this cake (total pun intended) is that it is the holiday version. Green and red Funfetti.

It’s Thursday night and Friday can not come soon enough, therefore, I am baking a cake for the actual day. Friday.

I am also baking this cake for my co-workers. It’s not often that you are thankful for light-hearted co-workers who make the day go by effortlessly. There is a good dynamic going on and I am very happy to see it after only five short months at the new digs. The energy makes the day go by and Friday a little more Funfetti worthy.

I didn’t realize how homesick I was until I was in Target staring at cake mix. Something about the easy baking made me think it was just a year ago I was baking for a different office. So rewind a year ago, a typical day in the life of a pr agency. Hussle and bussle pre-holiday break. Venting about who was off and who was on, complaints about clients, co-workers and pay, whispers of the economic decline and what it would do to us and the fondest memory was the daily arrival of baked goods, pre-packaged cookies, cupcakes from (fill in the blank of your favorite NYC bakery) and left over’s from each other holidays at home. We were a “sharing is caring” bunch.

At that time 2009 wasn’t so scary, it was just rumbling, like a bad stomach you thought was going to pass. Not sure any of us really believed money could disappear, accounts would slash budgets and co-workers would come and go.  And if you told me that a year from then I would be in the middle of the country, baking for a whole new set of co-workers and feeling homesick, well,  I would have told you that you were bat shit crazy.

My holiday season advice: Bake a Funfetti cake for your co-workers and never say never.

Everything they say about Italy is true. After 10 days of exploring the country – and only a few of many desired cities – I am completely in love and didn’t want to leave. The trip started in Florence, touched Milan, Rome and Maranello and ended with a family blanketed in memories, art, wine and cheese. It spanned over just sister time, parental arrival, Thanksgiving with blueberry steak and red cars. It embedded life experience, devotion to the arts and steps in time. It was everything I hoped it to be and more.

This is a small sampling of photos, you can imagine the hundreds that live in our hearts and our hard drives…

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” ~ Giuseppe Verdi

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