This is what homesick looks like… cake batter.

And not just any cake batter, but the real deal. Funfetti. The topping of this cake (total pun intended) is that it is the holiday version. Green and red Funfetti.

It’s Thursday night and Friday can not come soon enough, therefore, I am baking a cake for the actual day. Friday.

I am also baking this cake for my co-workers. It’s not often that you are thankful for light-hearted co-workers who make the day go by effortlessly. There is a good dynamic going on and I am very happy to see it after only five short months at the new digs. The energy makes the day go by and Friday a little more Funfetti worthy.

I didn’t realize how homesick I was until I was in Target staring at cake mix. Something about the easy baking made me think it was just a year ago I was baking for a different office. So rewind a year ago, a typical day in the life of a pr agency. Hussle and bussle pre-holiday break. Venting about who was off and who was on, complaints about clients, co-workers and pay, whispers of the economic decline and what it would do to us and the fondest memory was the daily arrival of baked goods, pre-packaged cookies, cupcakes from (fill in the blank of your favorite NYC bakery) and left over’s from each other holidays at home. We were a “sharing is caring” bunch.

At that time 2009 wasn’t so scary, it was just rumbling, like a bad stomach you thought was going to pass. Not sure any of us really believed money could disappear, accounts would slash budgets and co-workers would come and go.  And if you told me that a year from then I would be in the middle of the country, baking for a whole new set of co-workers and feeling homesick, well,  I would have told you that you were bat shit crazy.

My holiday season advice: Bake a Funfetti cake for your co-workers and never say never.