Tomorrow was going to be moving day. And then Mother Nature was feeling neglected and wanted to make sure we all knew who was boss. Snow alerts all over the place. The city, Long Island, up here… you would think the second coming was showing up in a big fat white coat. And yet, it’s 8 p.m. and there are no flakes to be seen.

Things to make sure you have when you are a single gal moving the rest of your belongings from the city to the country because your Subletter is moving out and your lease is up in two weeks:

*moving plan (including important numbers, location of storage unit and a timeline)
*people to lift
*clear plastic bins, tape, primer, and tarp (thankfully can all be found in one store)
*people to pack with
*someone to tell you it’s going to be okay
*someone responsible to pour a drink when you realize that you don’t live in the city

And when the whole plan goes to hell because above mentioned temperamental Mother Nature decides to grace you with the white cold stuff and you have to cancel all of the people, places and things you had worked so hard to gather in advance and try to be prepared make sure you have the following:

*phone number of someone who will tell you everything is gonna be alright
*phone numbers of local storage and rental trucks (hello yellowpages!)
*a reserve list of people who won’t be traveling for the holidays
*something to do the day you were supose to move (thank you gym membership and grocery store)
*holiday appropriate background music

“This is Christmas…

…so won’t you tell me that you never move on…

…no more sorrow…

happy once again.”

I always say everything happens for a reason, but next time can I get a memo with an explanation and what to do next? Much appreciated.