I’m sure by this point it is a complete and utter shocker that I ❤ NYC. Being in these northern parts of the state keeps me always wanting more.

It’s the hustle, bustle, drinkin’, movin’, shakin’, singin’, dancin’ and seein’ that really gets me. And the fact that you can do any of that or none of it and still be apart of something magical. I also know that there are some anti-city people (I know, I don’t understand either), so for those people I have an amazing suggestion for you. Send an email, tweet or carrier pigeon to one of the great  tour guides / cocktail enthusiasts / hostess-with-the-mostesses / fashionistas of our time, the lovely KRey.

KRey just started a fun site that offers free, personalized answers to questions about NYC. Be sure to visit www.KReyRecommends.com before your next jaunt to the city and for all you city dwellers, I bet she can make sense of the latest trends, triumphs and treks that you have heard so much about.