Driving home tonight I realized there are a lot of things I have now that I did not have 6 months ago, pre-country life.

Sidenote: I feel the need to clarify something. I call where I live the “country,” and am VERY aware that there are many places in this country and world that are more “country” than this. The fact is this is as “country” as I have ever lived, thus Kingston is definitely the “country” compared to the Upper East Side.

Back to the country perks:

1. GPS – I have this magic device that tells you where to go… turn by turn. I fondly refer to her as Lady GPS. I could not navigate the roads in these parts with out her.

2. MAC Fitness – I never ever ever, did I mention ever, thought that I would call a physical fitness establishment a perk. It’s an ordinary gym with people, equipment and sweat. But, the fact that I can go there when I want and it’s unbelievably reasonable priced. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the gym still (more to be said on that later), but the time and energy to go is such a perk!

3. The River – Every morning I get to say hello to the Hudson River and every night I say goodnight to the river. She is currently snow-covered, but still moving and vibrant. This water baby needs her H2O and the river nicely stands in for my beloved the ocean.

4. The Older “Brother” – I arrived at his house over 25 years ago because my mom was going to work for their family business. I was there when he got off the bus, watched him do his homework and have fond memories of being there for milestones along the way. We moved away when I was 3 years old, only keeping in touch a few times a year. Time has passed, we both have changed and yet, there is a common thread and comfort level that is much appreciated. Time will only tell how working and socializing together will pan out, but as of now this is one of the best perks this whole country thing has to offer.

I believe this list will grow and change as I do here. There was a time where I couldn’t think of anything for this list and now it’s an ever-moving document, to be continued…