me:  ok you know you’re single when your online dating service emails you a happy birthday card
kimbyjoy: ut oh
me:  “Happy Birthday, theasphere! Still single? Come check out your matches and find the men who want to meet you for your birthday! Click here to find your birthday matches! Birthday Cake! Happy day!”  ~ (Fill in obnoxious online dating site name here)
that is hilarious
me: i really should have my own show
kimbyjoy:  hell yeah, keep writing that shit down

Online dating. Some say, you either love it or you hate it. I on the other hand have a deep love for investing time and energy into online communication  to find out the person on the other side of the computer fits into one of these nice categories:

a) those who want to have an email relationship, but have no intention of ever meeting in person, ever
b)  those who are lying to you, themselves and the entire world around them
c) those who want to know if you have a hot sister
d) those who have aspirations of being a to a stand up guy, but fall a lil short
I am sure that online dating isn’t the end all be all in the world of meeting people, but it is an interesting social experiment in the way we share, express ourselves and judge others. You learn what is important to you real fast and what’s important in a mate even faster.
Having had a successful phone date recently, one in which he didn’t stutter, swear or belch while on the phone for 20 minutes.  I am hopeful that there will be a major breakthrough. That one, just one of these online profiles comes through. In the meantime, keeping my eyes and ears open for other prospects. In the city. In the country.