Once upon an oil change, in a place far far away, there was a magical land called Hoffman where many of our favorite characters liked to reside. It is here, as the mechanics fixed, pulled and pushed, that the rest of the land of make believe waited helpless without their mode or transportation, whether it be broom stick, carriage, white horse or coach.

Cinderella’s evil stepsisters sat closest to the door. They seemed to have forgotten that it was a weekday afternoon and the rest of the waiting area was dressed in daytime clothes as they sat in the bedtime best. Maybe Cinderella didn’t have enough clean clothes for them to choose from. It’s a shame when the help doesn’t do what they are told. You end up with frick and frack waiting for an oil change, in rags.

A lost prince charming paced back and forth from the front of the dungeon to the back. He was creating a dust cloud around his boots. It was amazing that he could breathe through it all. He was nervous; perhaps worrying about the lady he left sleeping back at the forest. Getting the oil changed seemed like a perfectly good idea and reason to leave the fair-skinned maven where she lied… at the time anyway. Who knew the oil would pour slower that day or that he risked the clock changing or the morphing pumpkin coach for that matter.

The frog with a prince trapped inside croaked while waiting. And it is said deep down inside, behind the green, around the skin and through the moistness was an actual prince. Or at least that’s what we are hoping for. The amphibian hopped from the viewing window to the waiting room chairs, croaking and blubbering about getting the mobile fixed in a lickedy split. There were “girls to be had,” he ribbitted, “I mean, kissed.” Quick get his wheels done before we have an angry frog on our hands.

As some of Snow White’s dwarfs emptied oil tanks, cleaned carpets and billed in gold coins, there was a new-found respect for 10-minute oil changes of other kingdoms that we had visited before. This clearly was going to be a storybook character parade with each and every 3,000 miles that occurred.