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This came out of my oven last night.

They are pillow cookies.

Inspired by the lovely Bakerella, I went to town with brownies, chocolate chips, cookie sheets and goodness.

They will be enjoyed by an unsuspecting group of friends tonight for Jon’s birthday. Jon (also known as Jonny Goose, Goose and you know, the one with the badge or the cop) is the kindof friend that comes and retrieves critters with little hands from your yard when they are trapped in a “safe trap” which is supposed to be a humane way for critters with little hands who eat your flowers to get out of your yard.  He is the kindof friend that laughs out loud when you tell him you fed the critter with little hands celery because you felt bad and are paralyzed by fear. He is the kindof friend that says please and thank you. And means it. He is the kindof friend that really would do anything he could to help. He is the kindof friend that calls you for advice when he has to leave an awkward situation. He is the kindof friend that brings you a book on lifting weights for women because he thinks it will help and isn’t judging or challenging you. He is the kind of friend that isn’t sure where his journey is going to take him, but is ready for the adventure, whether he thinks so or not. He is the kindof of friend who thoroughly enjoys my cooking and tells me so. It doesn’t take much to appease me in the friendship department. Or move me to make pillow cookies, chocolate zucchini bread and strawberry cheesecake for a friend’s birthday.

More to come after the treats and spirits…


Baby, it’s hot outside.



And at the exact same moment in time, it’s gorgeous.



Heading to dinner in Tivoli on a warm summer’s night, I spotted the most wonderful launderette, The Lost Sock. Huge front windows, open front door and solid brick exterior walls. Cute. Quaint. Heart it.

I have one of the most amazing butterfly bushes I have ever seen in my back yard. I’m not even sure I had ever seen butterfly bushes before this one actually. What is even more amazing is the gorgeous butterflies that come all the time. The latest and most grand was this week’s visitors. They are tiger swallowtail butterflies (Papilio glaucas). They are known to be strong fliers with distinctive yellow and black striped markings on the wings and body.

Wedding in the country have all types of guests. These friendly dudes came roaming on up on a wedding celebration. They would appear and disappear throughout the day. Mirage like. Many blessings to my dear friends Alli and Paul. And the cows.

One would think with all of this heat and sweat and stick, that baking would be curtailed. No fear, goodness is still coming out of the kitchen.

The first dinner at the house was homemade pizza.

And a birthday cake for my lovely friend and co-worker.

Mini mixed berry cuppers with homemade raspberry glaze for brunch with friends.

Summatime, you can stay for a lil while longer, that tundra is not welcome around these parts.

In the midst of all of the insanity there is peace… Friday night I found it in swimming, an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles and dinner at home.

Home Sweet Home.

And then I had to leave the following morning for Long Island. And I didn’t want to leave. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Driving back to my parent’s house there was a twinge of pain, it wasn’t until hours later that I realized I wanted to be at my house. Granted it’s a rented house. But a house none the less! And who knew that a few short weeks could form such a bond. Minus the complete lack of morning routine, the endless floors and bugs and not knowing where I am in the morning when I open my eyes, it’s a good relationship. Then again it’s the most consistent relationship going at the moment.

Home Sweet Home.

At least when the eyes are opened and there isn’t a moment of dread where you put your hand out and see who’s next to you. Or the moment when you close your eyes as tight as you can to see if when you open them the person in-front of you would magically appear / disappear. Or the moment when you wish you could take back that toxic slur that you just spit out without thinking first and is floating towards the person it was intended for about to smack them square in the face. Those moments of dread are much more intense the moment that I open my eyes in the morning. That split second is right before I realize I am safe in my bed at the house.

Home Sweet Home.

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