Baby, it’s hot outside.



And at the exact same moment in time, it’s gorgeous.



Heading to dinner in Tivoli on a warm summer’s night, I spotted the most wonderful launderette, The Lost Sock. Huge front windows, open front door and solid brick exterior walls. Cute. Quaint. Heart it.

I have one of the most amazing butterfly bushes I have ever seen in my back yard. I’m not even sure I had ever seen butterfly bushes before this one actually. What is even more amazing is the gorgeous butterflies that come all the time. The latest and most grand was this week’s visitors. They are tiger swallowtail butterflies (Papilio glaucas). They are known to be strong fliers with distinctive yellow and black striped markings on the wings and body.

Wedding in the country have all types of guests. These friendly dudes came roaming on up on a wedding celebration. They would appear and disappear throughout the day. Mirage like. Many blessings to my dear friends Alli and Paul. And the cows.

One would think with all of this heat and sweat and stick, that baking would be curtailed. No fear, goodness is still coming out of the kitchen.

The first dinner at the house was homemade pizza.

And a birthday cake for my lovely friend and co-worker.

Mini mixed berry cuppers with homemade raspberry glaze for brunch with friends.

Summatime, you can stay for a lil while longer, that tundra is not welcome around these parts.