This came out of my oven last night.

They are pillow cookies.

Inspired by the lovely Bakerella, I went to town with brownies, chocolate chips, cookie sheets and goodness.

They will be enjoyed by an unsuspecting group of friends tonight for Jon’s birthday. Jon (also known as Jonny Goose, Goose and you know, the one with the badge or the cop) is the kindof friend that comes and retrieves critters with little hands from your yard when they are trapped in a “safe trap” which is supposed to be a humane way for critters with little hands who eat your flowers to get out of your yard.  He is the kindof friend that laughs out loud when you tell him you fed the critter with little hands celery because you felt bad and are paralyzed by fear. He is the kindof friend that says please and thank you. And means it. He is the kindof friend that really would do anything he could to help. He is the kindof friend that calls you for advice when he has to leave an awkward situation. He is the kindof friend that brings you a book on lifting weights for women because he thinks it will help and isn’t judging or challenging you. He is the kind of friend that isn’t sure where his journey is going to take him, but is ready for the adventure, whether he thinks so or not. He is the kindof of friend who thoroughly enjoys my cooking and tells me so. It doesn’t take much to appease me in the friendship department. Or move me to make pillow cookies, chocolate zucchini bread and strawberry cheesecake for a friend’s birthday.

More to come after the treats and spirits…