The foodie hostess offered
Local cheddar cheese
Rochester brewed beer
Warm semolina bread
Mixed green salad with strawberries, blue cheese and balsamic
The spirited red-head brought
Soup with roasted pumpkin seeds
The token guy and his small princess offered the table
Paella with chicken, shrimp and sausage
The menu exploded with
BBQ chicken thighs and legs
Baked chicken on a bed of sweet kale
Pasta Primavera with fresh ricotta
Local corn on the cob
Complimented with
Malbec and Shiraz
Spicy Thai shrimp
And capped off with
Local apple pie and vanilla ice cream
Dark seasoned coffee
Countless laughter
Full bellies
A dash that warmed hearts
Promises to have a leftover dinner soon
And a splash of banter
All in a night’s view