For my parents 25th anniversary I made a toast in front of our friends and family. May all anniversaries celebrate as much love, memories and accomplishments as theirs did.

25 Parental Successes From The Last 25 Years

25. Dinner at the table. At a very young age and all the way through high school, Ali, Mommy, Daddy and I ate dinner together at a table. We talked about our day, confessed, made/changed plans, laughed and shared a meal together. And even though we live in different places now, dinnertime with the four of us is still a very special.

24. Music. In our lives music is everywhere and all the time.. Ali and I have been exposed to Thelonious Monk to Dave Holland, The Band to the Grateful Dead, the Beatles to Ella Fitzgerald, backyard bands to living room jams.

23. Matzah ball soup and noodle pudding.

22. Consistency. There have been ups and there have been downs, but they are still here as together.

21. Putting up a good fight. They have taught us to believe in what you feel is true. Fight for it… and maybe even when to back down.

20. A roof over our heads. There was never a question whether a stranger, family member, friend or boyfriend could stay with us.

19. Kindness and compassion.

18. Holidays. 25 years of every holiday, BBQ, birthday, remission date, anniversary, graduation being acknowledged and celebrated.

17.  Good names.

16. Education. Not only was education a priority for us girls, but tutors, study groups and flash cards were apart of our lives for years. Between the two of us, Ali and I have very expensive brains.

15. Dance classes and three-hour recitals.

16. Nana, Pipop, Nana, Magic Mommy, KK. The people that changed who we all were. They were always apart of our lives and always in our home because my parents made sure they were there.

17. Garlic.

16. Roadtrips and souvenirs.

15. Fish funerals, giving rabbits back to the pet shop, bringing Toto to the country and burying Jasper. Our animals were a big part about learning about death and we were taught how to manage the grief.

14. Reading and writing.

13. Art. Whether it was a handmade nameplate, a science fair poster, Thea for class secretary or Ali Blue’s 21st, we have custom art and décor in our lives. We also learned a deep appreciation for the arts and all the joy that they can bring.

12. Barbie’s pink convertible and matching speedboat. And every other toy or indulgence that we were given even though they probably couldn’t afford it or knew when the next one would be.

11. Moving. Ali and I have come and gone from this house and always had a ride, a truck or a rug when needed.

10. Coats. Big coats, little coats, furry coats, matching coats, hand-me-down coats, blazers, light coats, suede coats, we all have coats.

9. Italy. Ali’s semester abroad that gave her insight to the world beyond the states and our magical family trip together.

8. Charity. Give to those who cannot for themselves. Every nonprofit and cause has been support to the best of their ability, with money, time or resources.

7. Foodies. Clearly food and its nutrients are a part of their marriage, their children and the family  around them.

6. Loyalty.

5. Selflessness.

4. Courage. We have and will get through IT – whatever IT may be – always.

3. Zoe.

2. Ali Blue. The most important person in my life is my sister, her kindness, determination and creativity is equal parts Mom and Dad.

1. Love.

May the next 25 years be full of laughter, love and light.