I’ve talked about perks before. Here. Here. And here. I’m adding one to the list. A perk being living down the street from the Port Ewen Fire Department.  When you can walk out of your front door, turn left and witness the raising of the flag. And not just any flag, but the raising of a very large flag. I’m definitely proud of our country’s flag, what it means, represents and carries. And some how when it was raised at the end of my block the warm feeling in my heart was stronger than usual.

September 11, 2001 is a day that changed an infinite number of things. The way nothing surprises us, what fear means to children of those we lost, the men and women in uniform stateside and abroad, the transfixed look on our faces as we watched television for weeks and possibly the greatest change was the way we felt as Americans that day. An attack made us all as vulnerable as the person to our left and to our right. The attack made us all equal. Equal in that we all could have been there.

Some say that the 9/11 attack is much like the day that JFK was shot, as in you will always remember where you were. I was at home. It was my second year at Hofstra and I didn’t have class till later in the day. My phone rang, I said, “Hello.” “Turn on the tv.” “What channel?” “It doesn’t matter. I love you. I have to go.” I turned on the television and took a moment to focus on what was on the screen. And then from the left side of the screen I watched the second plane hit the south tower of the World Trade Center. I froze. There was no blinking, breathing or movement. And there I sat for the next three days.

I hope we never forget. I hope the memory lives on in all of those who were alive on that day. I hope it becomes a moment in history that is spoken about with not just sadness, but the amazing energy of the heroes. The supporters. Those who passed. And their loved ones.

May I always live some where there is a special memorial with a large flag on this day.