No cheese. No alcohol. No white flour. No white sugar. No artificial sweeteners. No red meat. No caffeine.

Yes better skin. Yes smaller waistline. Yes happier digestion. Yes pleasant insides. Yes sense of accomplishment. Yes halfway there.

I am in the middle of a 30 day cleanse. I am trying to support some abnormal health “stuff” and get my system back on track. It seems that my body was not gonna take it anymore. In response I decided to take back my insides and make better choices. Are we having fun yet?

And to combat my decision there are the “why?” people in my life… Why are you doing that? How can you give that up? Are you miserable? When can you drink again? I even have friends that have sent me the chocolate is good for you articles and the cheese is healthy articles. Humph, that’s not really helping.*

Oddly enough, I miss diet coke and gum the most. I think giving up things that are toxic is a positive change in someone’s life. I strongly recommend taking a look at what you are putting into your system. And if you can’t read the ingredients label then chances are you shouldn’t be eating it. Better yet, spend seven days writing down what you eat. Go back and circle things that are lacking nutrition and natural ingredients. Go ahead, really look at what you are eating.

As I look a the rest of my 30 days, I am going to STRONGLY advise myself to not feel like it’s a sentence but rather an opportunity. I’m going to be all glass half full and sunny sunshine about this. Or at least I’m going to try. ; – )

*I feel it is necessary to point out that I also have some superfantastic cheerleaders in my life as well. They are ridiculously proud of me and tell me often. Thank you to all of the people who continue to support my crazy schemes, whether it be a 30 day cleanse or midnight baking or roadtrips to far off lands.