It’s not often that you get to witness true love. Heck, I’m going out on a limb and saying it’s a rarity. I believe in love. The real mushy Love Actually kindof love. The get down on your knees and propose on national television kindof love. The walk towards your significant other and tear up kindof love. The your best friend is Amy kindof love.

A few weeks ago I helped my magical and slighty crazy little Italian Aunt Dee, of the wonderful Woodstock Hidden Kitchen, create a very special one-of-a-kind wedding in Woodstock, New York. The couple had rented a beautiful home where their friends and family stayed for the weekend. The perfect home for a reception.

The day of the wedding some people went to town for coffee and brunch, others mulled around and we got to business. Bringing in all local foods, including meats, vegetable, cheeses, breads and lots and lots of garlic was very important to the bride and groom. In fact, that is how they sought Dee out. Through the use of local and sustainable foods they wanted their wedding to be a foundation of earthly choices and an example for all.

As the couple went down to a landing for the reception…

The bridal party made a pit stop in the kitchen. The bride and groom had each had a chilled vodka shot before heading down. It was super cute that they had shared the same glass even though it was at different times.

When returning from the ceremony, the bride and groom made a toast to all of their guests. The day was truly about love. The friend kind. The family kind. The married to your love kind.

As the guests went inside tables of treats awaited.

After a long first course of cheeses, cristinis, olives, salads, marinades, figs, meats and herbs, the guests sat down to a multiple fabulocity course meal. Artichokes, stratachelli soup, manicotti, risotto and all with vegan options.

In our family, food is not only sustenance. It’s what we gather around the table for. Food is what you provide for the ones around you. Holidays, birthdays an celebrations all have food as a main event. That was the recurring theme of Kym and Tony’s wedding. Food and the people they loved all in one place.

It was a special little glimpse into a lifetime of happiness. We were blessed to have witnessed it. May we all find the happiness that they have. May it be infinite and cultivate goodness year after year.

“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery