There seems to be a lot of insanity going on in my life right now. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do where I live, but this city mouse is freaking out in the country.

As my mother would say, “You have the tools to get through this.” Well, I am digging DEEP into the toolbox this week. The simple things are painful, the complex things unbearable, the surprise things are startling. One of my best pieces of advice that I dole out regularly to friends and loved ones is a gratitude journal. You spend a full month writing down three things you are thankful for each day. It changes your perspective, maybe even your life. It creates appreciation when there seems to be none. It makes you be positive in a world of negativity.

In starting my gratitude journal, I realized this was going to be manageable for me. Despite the miserableness that I have been walking around with the moments come quick when I have my pen out. I thought I would share my first few days and encourage you, yes you out there, to do the same.

December 1st
1. phone call with Nana, “Love you my darling.”
2. roommate to light the first night of candles with
3. phone call with Kim, seeing her comes soon

December 2nd
1. cleaning ladies
2. shopping with Toddly and Roomie for sheets, gosh they are funny
3. payday being tomorrow

Dcember 3rd
2. lobster malabar
3. knowing that home is safe and your sweatpants live there

December 4th
1. Toni wanting to see me even when she has to study
2. Winning the door prize at the Creekside Adorning‘s Holiday Showcase
3. Koz

December 5th
1. gathering around the table

2. the ability to cook deliciousness

3. the smell of Noel’s tree

May you all find joy in the “little things.” Like chopping onions, silk scarves, cooking like a farm wife, and breathing.

“A natural expression of a loving heart,
The power of gratitude recharges our souls,
In giving thanks we help heal the world
And increase our abundance of blessings unknown.”
~ Katherine Scherer