Dear Mademoiselle Noel,

Thank you for having Lady Antonia and I over for dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope to do it again. Your Indian food was just divine and I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble.

As an aside, I wanted to let you know how found we are of you. On a regular basis your name comes up in conversation. Usually it is in relation to your ridiculously fabulous cooking, your childlike lightheartedness or something “funny” you did last night. Or that other night. Or at the last party. Your spirit is larger than most. It touches the people around you. Either with a smack of upside the head or with a gentle smile or laugh.

And then there are the creations you make. Edible. Art. On. A. Plate.

Thank you very much for hosting the girls for the most delicious Indian fair in all the land. My summary will give it no justice, as we all know the written word needs to have smells and taste to truly capture the culinary  genius that you create.

The marsala coconut chicken were the perfect pieces of chicken wrapped in a blanket of yumminess. The sweet coconut and nutty curry undertones created the perfect bite, after bite, after bite.

Hello coriander and red chilli pepper flakes, oh how we love to roast thee.

Shrimp! In coconut marsala sauce. We loved you, please come again.

And perhaps my most favorite party guest was the red lentil marsala stew. Spinach, butternut squash and red lentils were absolutely fantastic. Each flavor came through on its own and they still all played nicely together.

The plate of perfection before us will always be remembered. It was the combination of textures, smells and tastes that complimented each other, but no one got lost on the way to the party. And to think the special guest was definitely the coriander and star anise brown jasmine rice. Thanks for making a cameo.

Your favorite cottage guest,