So it’s time to get it right.

29 years of tears, fears, smiles, trials, tribulations, screaming, yelling, carrying on, studying, working my ass off, laughing ’till I cried, laughing ’till I peed, running away, moving, moving to the city, moving to the country, shaking, growing, dieting, dancing, music, travel, living, surving, loving, protecting, reassuring, connecting, pacing, cooking, cleaning, being an advocate, painting nails, running errands, supporting causes, teaching, speaking, writing, being loved, really loved, hurting, fixing, building, getting dirty, dyeing hair, getting pierced, wanting a tatoo, not getting a tatoo, promising, hoping, wanting, lusting, needing, being needed, acting as a conduit, being the shoulder, being the peacemaker, being a daughter / sister / cousin/ niece / granddaughter / friend, singing like no one is watching, gyming, doing yoga, meditating, standing still as the world passed me by and jumping in with two feet just to get in on the fun.

Well that was the past. Today is the future. And today, my 29th birthday is absolutely a gift. A big massive present with a huge bow. It takes these kinds of presents to stand still, peel back the paper, close your eyes and wish that the last time you blew out the candles actually appeared in that box.

Happy 29th Birthday Thea, be good to yourself. xoxo