Attending the first ever Ramp Fest in Hudson, NY was a moment of clarity in being a “foodie.” It was an amazing compilation of food, friends, music, drinks and RAMPS. For those who need a lil background on ramps, please check out this, this and this.

The most amazing ramp focaccia served with ramp butter from the not yet opened Cafe Le Perche in Hudson, NY. Meeting the executive chef Lisa Brickman was an awesome experience and her enthusiasm for the new bakery and restaurant was infectious. I can not wait to go visit Lisa and her team in June at their boulangerie, bar and patisserie

Fatty ‘Cue in New York City brought one of my most favorite things to the table. Sidebar: one of my favorite cocktail scientists, Jason Littrell, first served me a pickleback while throwing drinks at The Randolph. Jason said, first drink this and then drink that. I did what I was told. And have never been the same. Seeing the two piles of shot glasses lined up, I had a hunch that the guys at Fatty ‘Cue were serving up a treat. Ramp infused pickle juice in the ‘this’ and Wild Turkey whiskey in the ‘that.’

The guys at Fatty ‘Cue / Fatty Crab also served a ramp curry goat dish that was pretty intense.

I think chicken sausage can only be made better by adding ramps.

The classic beggar’s purse tied with ramps, now you are speaking my language.

Dessert can go wrong when adding an onion based flavor, but hey, the guys at Da Ba did it right with ramp lime sorbet. The executive chef told me they serve a sorbet before the final cheese course. I heart cheese.

The steamed clam from great people at The Fat Radish in NYC was wrapped in ramps, peas and white wine. It was delish and wonderful and light. The presentation in the clam shell was perfect for a finger food.

Foodies! at the beautiful Basilica Hudson in Hudson, NY.

After leaving the  Ramp Fest, all high on ramps, I went to Adam’s Fairacre Farms. Once of my most favorite markets to shop. And there for all $11.99 a pound, we my ramps (here soaking off the dirt). Let the ramp-ing begin.

“Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow.” ~ William Blake