Spring in NYC = flip flops to the subway to the office and then the heels, street meat lines are longer than usual, Central Park suddenly is the place to be despite that fact that it’s always been there, the Mon – Wed mani/pedi special is the where you go for lunch, tastiD loyalists are annoyed by the line suddenly formed at their favorite  peanut butter flavored dispenser, college students finally bail from clutch studio apartments on the LES and you may actually sit on a bench. And breathe. Just for a minute.

Daffodils blooming on 54th Street and 8th.

Spring in the country = gorgeous morning rides, breathing in between rain showers, outdoor activity planning, planting grass seed, walking in the evening, RAMPS, sitting outside  for as many meals as possible, cleaning out the garden, renewing the lease for another year in the house, trying to not make plans due to the booked ’till July 11th calendar, breathing in the lilacs and deciding which farm stand to go to first.

The lilacs at Sojourner Truth Park, Ulster Landing.

“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke