Dear Baby Sister,

As you graduate from one of the most amazing places in the entire world, the level of pride and excitement I have for you is exploding from my every being. It is such an incredible moment in time that we are celebrating tomorrow. You are graduating from New York University with a bachelor of arts in communication and a minor in production. You kicked some major internship butt at a number of amazing places and flawlessly aced tests, papers and presentations with what could be interpreted with your eyes closed. I envy every test you barely studied for, your memory surpassed mine years ago. I envy the opportunities at your doorstep. I envy the summer you will stay in the city. I envy the deep breath you will take when walking in a student and leaving a graduate.

I remember projects completed on our dining room table. There would be papers, notes, markers, glue and pencils scattered about. I remember notes and books left at the computer after a writing session. I remember deadlines and television watching being a constant battle. I remember the piano singing beautiful music as it was a more desired friend than a textbook or paper.

I wish nothing but the absolute best for you as your graduate from college and start your career. My best advice is not necessarily how to get through your first job, but things that I have learned from the city and the country, who knew I would have some of both:

  • keep an extra pair of tights in your bag
  • laugh at yourself
  • write letters and thank you notes
  • call your sister
  • drink lots of water
  • fold a twenty and store it in your wallet
  • tip well
  • call your sister
  • always say please and thank you
  • remember who  your biggest fan is
  • don’t forget that Mommy and Daddy will always be there, no matter what you do or don’t do
  • call your sister
  • have an alternate mode of transportation
  • never say never
  • trust the people who love you
  • call your sister

And here are a few other pieces of advice when / if needed:

Peter Shankman’s “An open letter to the two kinds on the M-11 bus this morning
The Washington Post’s “Advice for the Class of 2011
Some cool famous people, “Inspirational Advice for College Graduates

The fact is that advice isn’t necessarily going to have all the answers. You will make things happen. You will make good decisions. You will continue to be the rockstar that I know you are. You will rule the world, as we all know you will. Congratulations on your graduation, my baby sister.

I love you, I love you, I love,

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
~ Dr. Seuss in Oh, the Places You’ll Go!