Stop it Mr. Timekeeper. The whole month of December is going to go so quickly that heads are spinning. Thankfully, I am going to sit on Santa’s lap with my girlfriends tonight [get mind out of gutter] and take in some holiday cheer. And see the Muppets. And I am currently sporting Miss Piggy’s ‘do.

Recently stumbled upon a very interesting read. I am pretty sure this article is titled “Thea, 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

Random baffle. When I lived in a one room apartment, I always put my clothes away in the drawers and closet. In a three bedroom house, my clothes are in the laundry room, on my bed and on the couch in my room.

I turn 30 in 64 days. Not excited. I will be here. With my favs. Uber excited.

I still love everything about baking. Phew.









I love love love our tree. And that the people I love helped decorate it.











I am incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life, especially during the holidays. You make my stomach hurt from of the laughter, back hurt from all of the chocolate cake I clean out of the kitchen tile grout, my head hurt from the nights of mixing, my heart hurt from the thought of not having these moments forever and my cheeks hurt from all of the smiling when I know we have it so good. So so so good.

And despite all of this holiday cheer in the country, no body does Christmas like NYC. And I am really looking forward to breathing is all in next week. I miss my city.

“I can hear people singing, it must be Christmas time.” ~ The Pretenders