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I don’t do Valentine’s Day, but when I do, I do it with cupcakes.


That was the photo caption.

And there in plain sight, above the caption was a picture of a nice looking group at a nice looking party at a nice looking midtown west dive bar.

But wait, who is that girl?!?

It was me. I was in the picture above the caption. Baffled, I thought, How did THAT happen?

It was my first third party reference in print to me not living in the city. In the milliseconds after reading IT I thought the caption was wrong . Then that I read it wrong. And then that the poster was just plain bat shit crazy. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and opened them again. I read it again. It didn’t change. I was being referenced as a member of another crew, one that did not live in the city but one that was from the country. In plain sight. For all to see.

Going back to moments before this third party reference in print to me not living in the city, I was thinking that I had been doing a lot of back and forth lately. Celebrating holidays and birthdays was putting miles of my car, my heart and my stamina, but I was keeping up with it. The idea of not being at these events never crossed my mind. I would be in both places, the city and the country. I would go to yoga, the gym, work and play and then grace the city with my presence for all other important functions. I wasn’t apart of another crew or group. I was doing it all – both places.

And then my first third party reference in print to me not living in the city – The Kingston Crew – happened. I live in Kingston. In the country. And all of my social networking people knew before I  realized it myself.

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